“Thirty years experience in lighting” are the guarantee of the high quality and of the professionalism that distinguish “braga illuminazione”.

The know-how gained and the traditional processes that go from the design to the finish of the products, allow to create ingenious lamps that match different styles and compromise on elegance and handiness.

All materials used, both metal and brass, murano glass and swarovski crystal’ are carefully chosen to grant high quality and reliability standards’.

This is the corporate philosophy of “braga illuminazione”, which is applied to all its creations and to each phase of the process, from the design of a new lamp to the overview on the scenarios where it will be set.

in this way it is always possible to find the perfect solution; the one that compromises high quality and techntcal standards, functionality and beauty.

Thanks to its large experience, braga illuminazione is so able to propose a wide range of design products featured by high technical components and striclty selected leds.

The professionalism of its technicians and the cooperation with the main producers of electronic devices allowed braga to obtain the automotive certification for lighting systems: an additional sign of a high quality and of a reliability striclty made in italy.