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Experts in the production of lighting fixtures since 1976

The company deals with the Made in Italy production of lighting fixtures with constant attention to modern trends and technological innovation. Braga lighting creations effectively combine style, quality, innovation and functionality.

A very important part concerns the various processes that are carried out on metal parts. Processes such as cutting, drilling, welding and calendering are totally carried out within the company so as to ensure that everything is produced with the best possible attention.

After those steps some products are sent to some companies specialized in powder coating. Other finishes such as brushed colors or effects such as iron and rust or the application of gold, silver and copper leaf are completely made by the internal production departments.

To complete the lamp you then go to the assembly compartment where traditional lamp holders or LEDs and power supplies are mounted. The main suppliers of electronic components are TCI, Vossloh-Schwabe, Tridonic and Mean Well.

The complete luminaire will then be packed and prepared for delivery.

All the glass shown in the catalog are made by the best companies in Europe and are blown in special custom molds to make the product unique in its design.

Discover the wide range of lighting solutions available in the catalog: at Braga Illuminazione you can find the best solution for every need.

Download the catalog or contact the technicians for more information on our solutions